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Vertical hydroponic Grow Kit 28 Hole System

Vertical hydroponic Grow Kit 28 Hole System

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Introducing the Vertical Tower 28 Hole System from Bell and Paton, your gateway to the world of hydroponic gardening. Designed to create a soil-less environment for cultivating a variety of crops, this 28-hole NFT Hydroponic tower offers an efficient and space-saving solution for urban gardens while conserving water.


All-in-One Hydroponic Kit:


Our Vertical Tower 28 Hole System includes everything you need to kickstart your hydroponic garden. It features a single vertical tower with 28 planting holes, a TDS & EC hydroponic water meter, and a 500g Nutrifeed fertilizer bag.


Innovative Vertical Tower Design:


The vertical tower system comprises 28 planting holes arranged in a single, towering structure. This tower stands tall at a height of 180cm and is constructed with durable materials. With this innovative design, you can easily cultivate a diverse range of crops, from lettuce to spinach, all within a compact footprint.


TDS & EC Hydroponic Water Meter:


Our hydroponic water meter remains an indispensable tool for precise measurements, ensuring your crops receive the ideal nutrient balance. This meter accurately gauges the concentration of salts (TDS) through electrical conductivity (EC) and parts per million (PPM). Its temperature-compensated readings guarantee accuracy in tailoring nutrient levels for your specific crops.


Nutrifeed Fertiliser:


Bell and Paton's Nutrifeed fertilizer is a concentrated and balanced formula that nurtures robust root systems, plant growth, and vibrant flowering. Suitable for hydroponic, soilless, and soil-based cultivation of vegetables and ornamentals, this water-soluble fertilizer simplifies the process while ensuring thriving seedlings and reduced plant mortality.


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