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Tripart Soft Water Tripack | Terra Aquatica Hydroponics

Tripart Soft Water Tripack | Terra Aquatica Hydroponics

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Discover the power of Tripart Soft Water Tripack by Terra Aquatica Hydroponics - the ultimate nutrient system designed for hydroponics, coco, and soil. Tailor-made to meet your plants' changing needs, this 3-part "Building Block" nutrient system allows flexibility and concentration balance for exceptional growth throughout the entire lifecycle.

Tripart Soft Water Tripack Includes:

  • 1 x 500ml T.A. Tripart Grow
  • 1 x 500ml T.A. Tripart Bloom
  • 1 x 500ml T.A. Tripart Micro Softwater

Why Choose Tripart Soft Water:

  • Complete and balanced nutrient system for hydroponics, coco, and soil
  • Simplify your growing process with just three bottles
  • Vary the mix as your plants progress: TriPart Grow during growth, TriPart Bloom for flowering and fruiting
  • Trusted by prestigious research laboratories, universities, and NASA
  • Full range of micro and sub-micronutrients for enhanced uptake and stability

TriPart Micro Softwater® - The Foundation of Growth: Tripart Micro Softwater serves as the foundation of the "building-block" system, providing essential micro and sub-micro nutrients, along with complementary macro-nutrients. Follow the instructions for usage throughout both growth and bloom phases.

TriPart Grow® - Stimulate Structural and Vegetative Growth: Stimulate robust root development and vegetative growth with Tripart Grow. This component delivers essential nitrogen, potassium, and secondary minerals during the Flora Series. Increase levels during growth and reduce them during flowering.

TriPart Bloom® - Unlock Genetic Potential for Flowering and Fruiting: Enhance root formation and health during growth, and maximize genetic potential during flowering and fruiting with Tripart Bloom. Use higher levels during the flowering phase to achieve spectacular results.

Explore the pedigree of the Flora Series, adopted by esteemed horticulture partners and NASA. The TriPart Series with soft water formulations ensures optimal calcium levels, avoiding nutrient lockout or deficiency issues that can arise with universal nutrients.

Experience the effectiveness and convenience of Tripart Soft Water Tripack. Unlock your plants' genetic potential and witness exceptional growth. Order your nutrient kit today and elevate your hydroponic, coco, or soil gardening experience! For safety information, refer to the MSDS link:

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