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Starke Ayres Dynaroot

Starke Ayres Dynaroot

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Starke Ayres Dynaroot is the key to fast and successful rooting of plant cuttings. This powerful rooting hormone powder contains the active ingredient 4-Indole-3lbutyric Acid (IBA), which promotes vigorous root development, setting the stage for healthy and thriving plants.

Uses and Benefits: Dynaroot comes in three concentrations, each catering to specific types of cuttings:

  • No 1: Softwood cuttings
  • No 2: Semi-hardwood cuttings
  • No 3: Hardwood cuttings

Application Method: Using Dynaroot is a breeze. Follow these simple steps for excellent results:

  1. Select the appropriate concentration for your cutting type.
  2. Dip the lower 10 to 20mm of the cutting into the Dynaroot powder, ensuring full coverage.
  3. Gently tap the cutting's side to remove any excess powder.
  4. Plant the treated cutting in your chosen medium.

Achieve Optimal Rooting:

  • Stimulate fast and prolific rooting
  • Boost success rate of plant propagation
  • Ideal for various types of cuttings - softwood, semi-hardwood, and hardwood

Experience the power of Starke Ayres Dynaroot and enjoy successful plant propagation. Ensure strong and healthy roots for your cuttings. Don't wait – order your Dynaroot IBA powder today and witness the remarkable growth of your plants!

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