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Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler Head

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Achieve precise and efficient irrigation with Bell and Paton's Plastic Sprinkler Head - Model POM-01. This medium flow sprinkler is designed for optimal water distribution and ease of use in various irrigation applications.

Quality Design and Performance

The POM-01 sprinkler head is crafted from durable plastic, ensuring its reliability and longevity. With a male ¾' connection, it offers easy compatibility with standard irrigation systems.

Dual Nozzle System

Equipped with two nylon plastic nozzles, this sprinkler head delivers a 25° main nozzle at 4.4mm and a secondary slotted nozzle for short radius coverage. The dual nozzle system ensures efficient water dispersion, meeting the demands of various irrigation scenarios.

Smooth Rotation with Counterweights

To ensure smooth and consistent rotation, the POM-01 sprinkler head is designed with mould-injected counterweights. This feature enhances the sprinkler's performance and ensures even water distribution across your crops.

Versatile and Standardised

The POM-01 is a widely standardised sprinkler head used for irrigation worldwide. It is commonly deployed at 12x18m spacing. Its versatile design makes it suitable for various field crops, including vegetables, sugar cane, fodder, instant lawn, and more.

Optimal Operation Parameters

For optimal performance, operate the POM-01 sprinkler head at 3.5 BAR water pressure, achieving an average flow of 1800 L/h. With these settings, you can ensure effective irrigation for your crops and vegetation.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of Bell and Paton's Plastic Sprinkler Head - Model POM-01. Widely used and standardised, this sprinkler head is a top choice for irrigation in fields worldwide. Order now and optimise your irrigation practices for healthier and thriving crops.

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