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Raised Garden Planter Boxes

Raised Garden Planter Boxes

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Discover the perfect gardening solution with Bell and Paton's Raised Garden Planter Boxes. Crafted from high-quality, UV-treated reinforced PP (polypropylene), these planter boxes offer a stylish 3D Brick motif, combining aesthetics with functionality for both outdoor and indoor settings.

Thriving Plants and Herbs

Our raised garden boxes provide an ideal environment for various plants and herbs to flourish. From aromatic Rosemary, Mint, Thyme, Parsley, and Lavender to leafy lettuce, your greens will thrive in our thoughtfully designed planter boxes.

Efficient Water Management

At the bottom of each planter box, a water tray traps excess water, preventing water logging and maintaining the perfect moisture level for your plants. The built-in drainage valve ensures easy removal of excess water, keeping your plants healthy.

Ample Root Space for Optimal Growth

The boxes are designed to be deep enough, offering ample space for the roots of your plants and vegetables to grow unhindered. This encourages optimal growth and ensures your greens reach their full potential.

Turn Any Space into a Garden

With our grow boxes, you have the freedom to turn any space, whether it's a balcony, patio, or indoor area, into a thriving garden. Elevate your gardening experience and enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own plants and herbs.

Three Sizes Available:

Choose from our range of sizes to suit your gardening needs:

  • 118cm Box: Includes 3 x Grid, 6 x Water Plugs, 3 x Bottom Panel, 12 x Cover Strips, 12 x End Caps, 12 x Connecting Rods, 6 x Water Adapters, 12 x Side Panels, 2 x Connecting Tubes, 2 x Sealing Strips, 1 x Instruction Manual.
  • 80cm Box: Includes 2 x Grid, 4 x Water Plugs, 2 x Bottom Panel, 8 x Cover Strips, 8 x End Caps, 8 x Connecting Rods, 4 x Water Adapters, 8 x Side Panels, 1 x Connecting Tubes, 1 x Sealing Strips, 1 x Instruction Manual.
  • 40cm Box: Includes 1 x Grid, 4 x Water Plugs, 1 x Bottom Panel, 8 x Connecting Rods, 8 x Side Panels, 1 x Instruction Manual.

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with Bell and Paton Raised Garden Planter Boxes. Elevate your gardening space and nurture thriving plants and herbs with our top-quality grow boxes. Order now and transform any area into a beautiful and productive garden.

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