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Hydroponic Step Down Tiered Growing System - 72 Holes

Hydroponic Step Down Tiered Growing System - 72 Holes

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Introducing the Bell and Paton Hydroponic Step Down Tiered Growing System with 72 Holes - your key to high-yield urban gardening without the need for soil. Experience the convenience and productivity of a soil-less environment, perfect for growing various crops from lettuce to spinach.

High-Yield Urban Gardening:

Take your gardening to the next level with our 72-hole NFT Hydroponic System. Designed to provide a nutrient-rich water solution, this system is engineered to support the optimal growth of a wide range of crops, ensuring a healthy and bountiful urban garden.

Space-Saving and Water-Efficient:

Embrace urban gardening with confidence, even in limited spaces. The Hydroponic Step Down Tiered Growing System requires minimal room while maximizing crop productivity. Its innovative design also saves on water consumption, making it an eco-conscious choice for sustainable gardening.


  • 72 holes step down tiered system.
  • 8 food-grade PVC holed pipes.
  • 4 tiered layers.
  • Each pipe is 115cm.
  • PVC frame.

All-Inclusive Package:

We've made your hydroponic journey seamless by including everything you need in the box. The package comprises 8 pipes, each featuring 9 holes, along with a pump, sump, timer, germination sponges, planting cups, and a mallet. With the detailed instruction booklet, setting up and using the system is a breeze.

Trusted on Takealot:

Rest assured of quality and performance with Bell and Paton's Hydroponic Step Down Tiered Growing System, trusted by customers on Takealot.

Start Your High-Yield Urban Gardening Journey Today:

Transform your urban space into a thriving garden of fresh and healthy produce with the Hydroponic Step Down Tiered Growing System. Cultivate a sustainable gardening lifestyle and enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own nutritious crops. Add this kit to your basket now and embark on your high-yield urban gardening journey with Bell and Paton.

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