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Hydroponic Grow Kit 8 Hole System

Hydroponic Grow Kit 8 Hole System

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Discover the Hydroponic Grow Kit 8 Hole System by Bell and Paton, a complete and convenient solution for your hydroponic gardening aspirations. With this all-in-one bundle, you'll have everything you need to kickstart your hydroponic growing journey.

The Perfect Starter Kit:

Ideal for beginners, our Hydroponic Grow Kit features an 8-hole tiered growing system, perfect for growing your favorite salad ingredients or berries. Embrace the simplicity of hydroponics, and enjoy the clean, soil-less setup that eliminates messy gardening and saves valuable space.

Grow Fresh, Healthy Vegetables:

Experience the joy of growing fresh, healthy vegetables year-round with Bell and Paton's 8-hole hydroponic system. Its compact design, standing at 51cm high and 52cm wide, makes it ideal for small spaces like apartments or balconies.

All-Inclusive Package:

In this kit, we've bundled essential tools to ensure your hydroponic success. The package includes two planting tiers with 8 plant holders, planting cups, germinating sponges, a timer, a pump, sump, assembly instructions, a TDS & EC hydroponic water meter, and 500g of Nutrifeed fertiliser.

TDS & EC (Hold) Hydroponic Water Meter:

Our hydroponic water meter is an essential tool for precise measurement of salt concentration (TDS) and electrical conductivity (EC). Remove the guesswork from hydroponic growing and achieve optimal nutrient levels for your plants. With temperature-compensated readings, you can trust the accuracy of this user-friendly meter.

Nutrifeed Fertiliser:

Our specially formulated Nutrifeed fertiliser is the key to promoting healthy root, plant, and flower development. Versatile and easy to apply in all hydroponic techniques, this water-soluble fertiliser ensures your plants receive all essential macro and micro-elements for robust growth.

Start Your Hydroponic Journey Today:

Experience the countless benefits of hydroponic gardening with Bell and Paton's Hydroponic Grow Kit 8 Hole System. Perfect for beginners, this kit empowers you to grow your own fresh vegetables effortlessly. Embrace a sustainable and efficient approach to gardening and add this trusted hydroponic kit to your basket today. Trusted on Takealot, Bell and Paton guarantees a seamless and rewarding hydroponic journey for you.

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