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Greenhouse Tunnel - 12m

Greenhouse Tunnel - 12m

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Unleash the potential of year-round home food propagation with the Bell and Paton 12-meter greenhouse tunnel. This durable and portable structure provides the perfect environment for growing a wide variety of plants and vegetables, ensuring a bountiful harvest throughout the year.


  • Greenhouse tunnel size: 12m long x 3m wide x 2.5m high
  • Sturdy 25mm galvanised steel poles provide exceptional stability
  • Clear, UV-resistant PE plastic cover allows ample sunlight and protects plants from wind, frost, and pests
  • Dual zip roll-up door (front and back doors) for convenient access and easy gardening tasks
  • Roll-up side windows with 40% UV protection and insect net offer ventilation while keeping pests out
  • Reinforced PE plastic roof securely fits over the galvanised steel poles for durability and optimal light transmission

With its impressive 12-meter length, the Bell and Paton greenhouse tunnel offers abundant space to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and even small fruit trees. Picture the satisfaction of harvesting fresh, healthy produce right from your own backyard, elevating your meals with the vibrant flavours of homegrown goodness.

Specifically designed for the home gardener, this walk-in greenhouse tunnel is a reliable investment. The reinforced PE plastic roof securely fits over the galvanised steel poles, ensuring longevity and optimal light transmission. The dual zip roll-up door at the front and back provides convenient access for tending to your garden with ease. Additionally, the roll-up side windows, treated with 40% UV protection and equipped with insect nets, offer ventilation while effectively keeping pests at bay.

Setting up your greenhouse tunnel is hassle-free with our comprehensive instructions and included tools. Don't let limited space or unfavourable weather conditions hinder your journey to growing your own delicious and nourishing vegetables.

Embark on a rewarding gardening experience by trying our 12-meter greenhouse tunnel today. Embrace the benefits of homegrown produce all year round and relish in the joys of cultivating a thriving garden that sustains both body and soul.

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